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"VEDATMANA" means the spirit of the Vedas rests in Lord Vishnu

An epitome of comfort and luxury this 24 room boutique hotel gets its beauty from the artisan laterite stonework – which is breathtaking, to say the least – as well as the minimalist yet beautiful slate floors. The architecture of the casitas makes it feel like home, making the stay inviting and comforting. Sprawled across the property are some lush green gardens that are not only well-manicured but instantly refresh you, so if you have nothing to do, the beauty of the gardens is sure to keep you occupied. These garden walkways are also sprinkled with some fresh and well-maintained trees that effortlessly add to the beauty of it all. Staying here is an experience unlike any other; complete with a swimming pool, mini gym and the main clubhouse, you are sure to find all that you are looking for from a relaxing vacation. So come and be a part of this lavish property while you explore the colourful and beautiful life of Goa.


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